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Tyler Hibner won the night's ARMI Contractors opening heat race, redrew the pole and led every lap in the Wehrs Machine A Feature to score his first ever USRA Heartland Modified Tour Presented by Real Racing Wheels win. At his home track, I-35 Speedway in Winston, Missouri, Hibner had the crowd on their feet multiple times throughout the night.  

“Everything kind of fell in our place tonight,” said Hibner. “I wanna thank all the fans tonight for coming out.”

Tyler Wolff who has been the victim of a lot of mechanical misfortune, righted the ship tonight and finished in the runner up position. Thus far Wolff had finished four races and retired early from the same amount. Each finish had been a podium effort, along with another strong showing tonight. Wolff also assumed the point lead by 18 markers tonight too.

Tonight's third place finisher, Kyle Slader put quite a drive in Dave Gaggero's new Hughes Chassis. Rolling from the inside of row five, Slader kept his nose clean and throttle pinned, ending up in third. This weekend was his debut with the tour. Long known for his B-Mod and Stock Car dominance, Slader proved right at home in a USRA Modified.

Terry Phillips and Trevor Hughes rounded out the podium, with impressive runs as well.

Overnight the track received a fairly large rain shower and Mike Johnson led he and his crew all day to get the beautiful facility in order for racing this evening. 37 cars entered for action. Heat races were won by Tyler Hibner, Ryan Middaugh, Lee Hibner and Jason Pursley.

Next for the USRA Heartland Modified Tour Presented by Real Racing Wheels is the Inaugural High Limit Racing Diamond Classic Invitational in Wheatland, Missouri. All perfect attendance series cars will race, along with select cars invited by Lucas Oil Speedway. The pair of non points events will each start 24 cars and pay $2,000 to win each night. The High Limit Sprint Cars will be the featured event and the HMT will be the only support for the event. This race will be streamed exclusively with our friends at Flo Racing.

Wehrs Machine & Racing Products A Feature (30 Laps): 1.Tyler Hibner 2. Tyler Wolff 3. Kyle Slader 4. Terry Phillips 5.Trevor Hughes 6. Brandon Givens 7. Dean Wille 8. Nic Bidinger 9. Lee Hibner 10. Chad Wheeler 11. Gunner Martin 12. Tad Davis 13. Wyatt Gaggero 14. Steven Glenn 15. Jason Pursley 16. Dakota Dale 17. Henry Chambers 18. Dalton Teel 19. Kenton Allen 20. Chevy Coleman 21. Ryan Middaugh 22. Houston Johnson 23. Rick Beebe 24. Kelsie Black 25.Carlos Ahumada Jr

Real Racing Wheels B Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. Tyler Wolff 2. Wyatt Gaggero 3. Kelsie Black 4. Steven Glenn 5.Dakota Dale 6. Colton Eck 7. Brad Johnson 8. Tyler Grooms 9. Andrew Thomas 10. Tad Davis 11. Eric Brady 12. Jory Stotts 13. Gabe Hodges 14. Tanner Black 15. Lane Whitney 16. Dayton Pursley 17. Houston Johnson 18. Austin Johnson 19. Jace Whitt

ARMI Contractors Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. Tyler Hibner 2. Trevor Hughes 3. Carlos Ahumada Jr 4. Kyle Slader 5. Kelsie Black 6. Steven Glenn 7. Dayton Pursley 8. Andrew Thomas 9. Lane Whitney 10. Tanner Black

Kenny's Tile Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. Ryan Middaugh 2. Dean Wille 3. NicBidinger 4. Wyatt Gaggero 5. Chad Wheeler 6. Houston Johnson 7. Tad Davis 8. Colton Eck 9. Tyler Grooms  

S&S Fishing and Rental Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. Lee Hibner 2. Brandon Givens 3. Rick Beebe 4. Kenton Allen 5. Dalton Teel 6. Brad Johnson7. Eric Brady 8. Jace Whitt 9. Jory Stotts

Fast Shafts Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. Jason Pursley 2. Chevy Coleman 3. Gunner Martin 4. Henry Chambers 5. Terry Phillips 6. Gabe Hodges 7. Tyler Wolff 8. Dakota Dale 9. Austin Johnson

USRA Heartland Modified Tour Presented by Real Racing Wheels photos are available for viewing and purchase from our Offifical Series Photographer, Todd Boyd. You can view his work by clicking here. You can also follow his racing adventures on social media by clicking here.

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