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Super job making the A feaure out of the heat race and not having to run a B feature with a stellar field.  Kenton finished 2nd in the 5th heat race and started 15th in the A. He was never able to make any moves and just hung on to finish 17th.


With a stout field of 54 cars in attendance Saturday night at 81 Speedway in Park City, Kansas, Rodney Sanders dueled early with Tyler Wolff, but pulled away to a convincing win. The VP Racing Fuels checkers are his first with the Heartland Modified Tour Presented by Real Racing Wheels.

“This car was just awesome tonight,” said Sanders in Victory Lane. “I knew we were pretty good when we could go to the bottom and keep up with the cushion. I gotta thank the fans for coming out tonight, there's a lot of people here. That's pretty awesome to have a show like this. This is a tough deal, there was a lot of good cars here tonight and a lot of cars total.”

Behind Sanders there was plenty of good racing. Tyler Davis stormed towards the front from 10th to finish as the evening's runner up. He dealt with third place finisher Jacob Hobscheidt for a large portion of the feature.

Terry Phillips and Chad Wheeler were neck and neck for fourth and fifth and they finished in those positions.

The Midwest Sheet Metal caution flew once, for Tanner Mullens, who hit the wall in turn four.

Saturday's race honored the late Dalice Franz. His son, Brian Franz paced the field in a familiar #86 Modified. The family also made a $3,000 contribution to the overall series event purse as well.

Newton, Kansas residents were also admitted free of charge courtesy of Hodges Farms and Dredging.

Joe Duvall's Funkadelic Dirt Track and Honky Tonk Extravaganza takes center stage next weekend, with a pair of barn burner events on the docket. Friday the show rolls into Arrowhead Speedway in Colcord, Oklahoma. Saturday it shifts just down the road to Salina Highbanks Speedway in Salina, Oklahoma. Both shows will be run in conjunction with the American Racer Modified Series Presented by Day Motorsports.

Wehrs Machine & Racing Products A Feature (30 Laps): 1. Rodney Sanders 2. Tyler Davis 3. Jacob Hobscheidt 4. Terry Phillips 5. Chad Wheeler 6. Joe Duvall 7. Tanner Black 8. Darron Fuqua 9. Wyatt Gaggero 10. Dan Powers 11. Jason Pursley 12. Henry Chambers 13. Nic Bidinger 14. Gunner Martin 15. Chris Kratzer 16. Kenton Allen 17. Paden Phillips 18. Brody Robe 19. Tad Davis 20. Dakota Dale 21. Tim Ward 22. Brandon Givens 23. Tyler Wolff 24. Gabe Hodges 25. Tanner Mullens

Real Racing Wheels B Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. Brandon Givens 2. Wyatt Gagero 3. Henry Chambers 4. Brian McGowen 5. Paden Phillips 6. Dean Wille 7. Logan Johnson 8. Cecil Dymond 9. Colton Eck 10. Cody Johnson 11. Austin Rogers 12. TJ Cain 13. Chevy Coleman

Day Motorsports B Feature 2 (15 Laps): 1. Gabe Hodges 2. Tim Ward 3. Gunner Martin 4. Kirby Robe 5. Jason Langford 6. Jacob Potter 7. Jarret Dotson 8. Chris Klinkner 9. Jared Russell 10. Ethan Hafner 11. Braden Stoner 12. Cooper Weis 13. Greg Scheffler

Rick Beebe Heating and Air Conditioning B Feature 3 (15 Laps): 1. Tad Davis 2. Dakota Dale 3. Clay Money 4. Blake Moler 5. Teryton Gann 6. Jack Sartain 7. TJ Tolan 8. Kelsie Black 9. Ricky Bonham 10. Ryan McAninch 11. Kevin Newell 12. Rick Beebe

ARMI Contractors Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. Tyler Wolff 2. Tanner Mullens 3. Tad Davis 4. Brody Robe 5. Brandon Givens 6. Colton Eck 7. Ricky Bonham 8. Cecil Dymond 9. Cody Johnson

Kenny's Tile Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. Jason Pursley 2. Chad Wheeler 3. Tanner Black 4. Austin Rogers 5. Kelsie Black 6. Paden Phillips 7. Jacob Potter 8. Chas Klinkner 9. Chevy Coleman

S&S Fishing and Rental Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. Nic Bidinger 2. Terry Phillips 3. Henry Chambers 4. Ryan McAninch 5. Jason Langford 6. Cooper Weis 7. Blake Moler 8. TJ Cain 9. Kevin Newell

Fast Shafts Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. Jacob Hobscheidt 2. Darron Fuqua 3. Tyler Davis 4. Gunner Martin 5. Tim Ward 6. Gabe Hodges 7. Jared Russell 8. Jarret Dotson 9. TJ Tolan

Duvall Electric Heat 5 (8 Laps): 1. Joe Duvall 2. Kenton Allen 3. Wyatt Gaggero 4. Kirby Robe 5. Clay Money 6. Braden Stoner 7. Logan Johnson 8. Rick Beebe 9. Ethan Hafner

Central Spray Foam & Cement Lifting Heat 6 (8 Laps): 1. Rodney Sanders 2. Chris Kratzer 3. Dan Powers 4. Jack Sartain 5. Brian McGowen 6. Treyton Gann 7. Dean Wille 8. Dakota Dale 9. Greg Scheffler

The Heartland Modified Tour Presented by Real Racing Wheels would like to thank their 2024 season long partners.

Gold Partners - ARMI Contractors, Day Motorsports, Hochatown Saloon, Kenny's Tile, Midwest Sheet Metal,, Real Racing Wheels, S&S Fishing and Rental, VP Racing Fuels Heartland, Wehrs Machine & Racing Products

Silver Partners – American Racer Tires, Central Spray Foam & Cement Lifting, Duvall Electric, Fast Shafts, Freight Logistics Inc., Integra Shocks, Keyser Manufacturing, Milburn Property LLC, One4 Motorsports, Rick Beebe Heating and Air Conditioning

Bronze Partners – Charlie Williams Painting, Fowler Locomotive Sales, Lassiter Construction, Transmissions Unlimited, Victory Vault

2024 HMT Point Fund

1. $7,500

2. $4,500

3. $3,500

4. $3,000

5. $2,500

6. $2,400

7. $2,300

8. $2,200

9. $2,100

10. $2,000


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