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Kenton started the night out strong, winning his heat race and leading every lap.  He picked up where he left off in the feature, leading the first half of the race, until he lost it in turn three and spun.  He restarted in the back and was able to make it up and finish 7th.

  Friday night the Humboldt Speedway featured some of the hottest B-Mod drivers in the 3-state area shooting it out for the AmeriFlex B-Mod Spercial. The night started off with 19 B-Mods making up 3 heat races for The Ray's Metal Depot B-Mods.  Heat race one set the tone for the night with the Likes of Tyler Kidwell, Brian Bolin and Terry Schuiz Shooting it out. The heat race win goes to Brian Bolin carrying the familiar X2 to Checkers with Kidwell and Schulz finishing in the top 3. Heat race 2 was a stout field as well Springfield Mo., Ryan Gillmore and Battle of the Bullring winner Reece Solander. Those two would show they were a force to reckon with and would work their way through the field, each gaining four spots. At the fall of the checkers Reece Solander would hold off hard charger Ryan Gilmore who would get 2nd and Great Bend Kansas driver Slade Mohr in 3rd.
 Heat 3 would see Ft Scott driver Andy Bryant return to Humboldt Speedway and made the most of it picking up the heat race win, followed by a hard charging Tanner Cade and B-Mod shoe John Sheets in 3rd.
  The AmeriFlex B-Mod special was paced to the green by Tyler Kidwell and Tanner Cade. Kidwell would take the early lead and set his sights on another Ray's Metal Depot B-Mod win, but there were some drivers behind that had other ideas. Ryan Gillmore fell back early but made his way to the front battling with Solander and Kidwell on his way to his first with this year at Humboldt. Tyler Kidwell would come home 2nd with Reece Solander, Joh Sheets and Terry Shulz the top 5.
 The Extrusion Inc. Midwest Modifieds were up next with 3 heats which were won by Clint Drake, Tyler Davis and Brad Jarman. As the field came to the green Tyler Davis was on a mission he and Tyler Kidwell  were racing with heavy hearts. They lost a grandmother Lois Raiden and cousin Shawn Whitley. Davis put the 01jr. on point and would build a sizable lead to pick up a very special win. Casey Jesseph, Clint Drake, Brady Folk, and Justin Boots rounds out the top 5.
  The ARMI USRA Modifieds were up next with3 heat race with Kenton Allen, Jacob Hobschiedt and Brian McGowen picking up the wins. The feature would see Dan Daniels and Kenton Allen bring the field to the green. Allen would look strong early on as he would build  a lead as the field would work through the A main. Then disaster would strike as Allen went around in turn three to bring out the caution. This would bunch the field back up and allow Tim Ward of  Harcourt, Ia and Jason Hobschiedt from Plattsmouth, Ne making their first trip to Humboldt a good one as the 2 would go on to finish 1st and 2. Behind the top 2 were Paden Phillips, Dan Daniels and Houston Johnson the top 5.
The next class was the Wilson Automotive Mini Stock and Tuner Class. The heats were won by Brett Barber and Clint Haigler.  Haigler and Jesse Stair would lead the field to the green and Haiglar would take the Captain America 17H to point and go on to pick up his 2nd win in a row at The Humboldt Speedway. Finishing behind Haigler was Jesse Stair, Brett Barber, Travis Bockover and Larry Trester. 
    The Humboldt Speedway will be off May 31 when the Comp Cams Super Dirt Car Series will be in action.

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